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Surrounding tourism

We will show you the tourist spots of Amakusa.

Please come and see nature and culture of Amakusa full of charm.

  • I play with Kami-amakusa

    • Dolphin watching

      In dolphin cruising (dolphin watching), you can meet wild bandworm dolphins in Amakusa throughout the year.
      Bottlenose dolphins are very friendly, they swim alongside the cruiser, jump in front of you, and bring out fish and show various performances.

      At dolphin cruising, you can enjoy not only dolphin watching but also exhilarating cruises surrounding the Amakusa Five Bridges, Ariake Sea, Amakusa Islands.
    • Beach

      Amakusa has many beaches.
      Would you like to be wrapped in a calm time under the blue sky, the white clouds spreading swiftly above the clear transparent ocean?
      Also, if you enjoy the summer Amakusa, you can experience wakeboarding and banana boating in addition to swimming.
      A beach near Nagisatei
      ♦ ︎ Pearl Sun Beach(Hiai Beach)
      ♦ Shirouga-hama Beach
    • Wakuwaka Aquarium Sea Donut

      Matsushima huge donut type aquarium floating in the sea of Matsushima.
      There is also a window below the water surface of the fuselage, so you can see the underwater.Despite being a regrettable son of aquatic life floating in the sea, freshwater fish exhibits are also substantial.
      You can observe various fish in the facilities divided into zones on the 7 continents of the world.
  • Watch with Kami-amakusa

    • Amakusa Five Bridges

      Amakusa Five Bridges is five bridges connecting the Oyanojima Island the Amakusa Islands to Nagaurajima Island Oyanojima Island ~ Ikeshima Island ~ Maejima Island ~ Amakusa Kamishima, from the triangle at the tip of Uto Hanto Peninsula, Kumamoto Prefecture, Uto Hanto Peninsula, Kumamoto Prefecture, 1966 (Showa 41) September 24 It opened on the day.
      The national highway (Route 266, Route 324) between No. 1 Bridge and No. 5 Bridge is called "Amakusa Pearl Line" because pearl farming is prosperous.
      No. 1 Bridge·Tianmen Bridge / No. 2 Bridge·Oyano Bridge / Third Bridge·Nakanohashi / No. 4 Bridge·Maejima Island Bridge / No. 5 Bridge·Matsushima Bridge

      Evening scenery from Amakusa Five Bridges / Fifth Bridge!
      "Amakusa Matsushima" seen from Amakusa Five Bridges / Fifth Bridge!
    • Japan's Best 100 Sunsets

      This Amakusa Matsushima is also known as a beautiful evening landscape and is also selected as "100 sunset in Japan."

      "Takanai climbing" (Takabutoyama) was chosen as Japan's Best 100 Sunsets.
      The spectacular view of the national park · Amakusa Matsushima the spectacular view of the falling sunset spread out in front of you.
      It is the scenic spot designated by the country, the elevation is 117 m.
      It's convenient because you can drive to near the observation deck by car.
    • The history of depressed depression in the chest

      Shiro Amakusa Memorial Hall

      A battle of faith, unfolded by Amakusa Shiro, a 16-year-old boy wrapped in legend and mystery, "Amakusa / Shimabara no Ran".
      Here, at the Shiro Amakusa Memorial Hall, the historical background of "Amakusa / Shimabara no Ran" and the pattern of the time when it was influenced by the Namba Culture are introduced using valuable materials and special techniques such as stereoscopic images in a way that is easy to understand .It will be an experiential theme pavilion to convey the true appearance of Amakusa Shiro and the hot feelings of the people to now.
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  • Amakusa pleasure boat

    • Nagisa, Capacity 29 people

      Ship pleasure boats around Amakusa Matsushima and Amakusa Five Bridges

      The landscape of the large and small islands and the azure ocean weave is beautiful, and the Amakusa Five Bridges approaching the immediate Amakusa Five Bridges is powerful
      Departing from the immediate pier, you can enjoy wonderful sightseeing of the contrast between the bridges and the islands from the sea.