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  • Amakusa Matsushima is a Hotel "Amakusa Nagisatei" that stands close to Amakusa Matsushima, which is about 20 large and small, connected by Amakusa Five Bridges between Oyanojima Island and Amakusa Kamishima Kumamoto Prefecture.

    There is a wood deck that overlooks the sea when you pass through the lobby, and it is like a private beach
    There is also a preparation for the fishing set, and you can enjoy fishing from the rooms in the Annex "Hanare" or from the pier on foot in 1 minute.

    Guest rooms are prepared in addition to the main building Japanese rooms, and apartments with bathrooms with bathrooms are also available.
    In a mood like floating in the sea, bathing is also attractive.
    For dinner you can choose from four kinds of fresh course dishes that use plenty of Amakusa's ingredients for enjoyment.
    You can enjoy dishes such as Japanese Spiny Lobster course by the open-air bath facing the sea.

    Enjoy a relaxing and relaxing time at Amakusa Nagisatei seafood restaurant with a magnificent view.

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