Amakusa Nagisatei
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Nagisatei's charm

  • Private bathroom bath
    Enjoy private with a private family bath on the roof of the main building.Please spend an important time with those who love the open space.
  • Private beach
    When you pass through the main building lobby, you will see a beautiful and peaceful marine blue sea spread in front of you.The natural sandy beach looks like a "private beach"
  • fishing
    Fishing can be enjoyed from the room of Annex "Hanare".Although it is from the guest room, the aim of Suzuki and Kurodai's big shot is also possible.
    Fishing equipment with food can also be borrowed with 1,000 yen and you can enjoy fishing easily and cook fish caught free of charge.
  • Amakusa Pleasure Boat
    "Pleasure boat" which can depart from the pier just beside Nagisatei.There are three kinds of course Amakusa Five Bridges and scattered islands are seen from the sea.
    There is a different force from land.
    ※Reservation required
  • Foot bath
    When you pass through the lobby, there is an open wood deck, next to it there is "footbath."
    Why do not you immerse yourself in foot bath while looking at the marine blue sea.
  • cycling
    It is a service that you can Matsushima Strolling by your own train while tasting nature.
    We are also preparing a walk MAP.
    You can borrow your train for free.
    Why do not you enjoy cycling with your family?