Amakusa Nagisatei
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Amakusa Nagisatei


5650-1 Amura, Matsushima Town, Kami-amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture

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About 60 minutes by car from Matsubase IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
Reservation required
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Fukuoka
    About 60 minutes from Kyushu Expressway to Minamishita- Matsubase IC - National Route 266 towards Amakusa Matsushima

    Access method 2: Kumamoto

  • When coming by car

    From Kumamoto, Matsubase IC
    Distance of approximately 45 km
    Approximate travel time from IC approximately 60 minutes
    Highway·Toll road name Kyushu Expressway
    Via National Route 266
  • Shinkansen · By train

    Bullet train

    Shin-Osaka -Kumamoto Minimum time required, 2 hours 59 minutes
    Hakata - Kumamoto shortest travel time, 33 minutes
  • JR

    50 minutes from Kumamoto
    1 hour 50 minutes from Kagoshima
    Nearest station route name: JR Misumi Line (Misumi Line)
    Station name:Misumi Station(Misumi Station)
    Transportation from the nearest station Bus: 40 minutes
    taxi(car):Half an hour(Estimated price: 4000 yen)
    Bus route from the nearest station Bus company: Kyushu Sanko Bus Kyushu Sanko
    destination: Hondo delivery
    Get off at the bus stop:Matsushima Sanko Bus Center(Matsushima Sanko)
    From the bus stop: 15 minutes on foot
    Estimated bus fare: 600 yen